ENERGY FLASK - Up to 6 Energy Shots, no more wrappers or sticky hands


A reusable silicone flask to conveniently carry Energy Shots during sports. No more hassle with opening sachets. No more sticky hands and clothes. No more accidental littering. 

  • Suction cap for leak free drinking during exercise
  • Small size fits in your jersey pocket
  • Take small sips more frequently
  • With dosing scale on the reverse of the flask
  • Carries up to 6 Energy Shots - 150 ML
  • Temperature resistant down to freezing and up to 60 degrees Celsius
  • 100% BPA free, made from recycled materials


  • Rinse well before first use
  • Fill with 1 to 6 Energy Shots and at least 10% water 
  • Clean after use with soap and water and rinse well
  • Deep clean regularly