Energy Bites - Apple Cinnamon


A classic! With this Bite you won't have to stop for apple cake anymore. Apple syrup and dates are high in both carbohydrates and micronutrients such as potassium to balance the sodium. Clear advantages of natural substances that reinforce each other. You don't get that in synthetic food. The real Ceylon cinnamon has a refined taste and a regulating effect on your blood sugar.  With 13g of healthy carbohydrates from real food. 

Ingredients : raisins, date paste, hazelnuts, tapioca flour, apple syrup (3.9%), Ceylon cinnamon (1.5%), apple extract, pink Himalayan salt, lemon oil.
100% organic and vegan. Gluten, palm oil and lactose free.

100% organic and vegan. Gluten, palm oil and lactose free.

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