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Convenient and durable


energy flask


There is nothing as strange as the packaging of energy gels. Difficult to open, especially with gloves. You have to eat everything in one go, while this is often actually too much, often resulting in a stomach ache. In addition, a piece of plastic packaging often falls to the ground. You often get sticky hands, and sometimes some of it flies over your shirt. What an unnecessary hassle.

This must and can be done differently. Made from recycled material and reusable. Wash after use and ready for next time. You decide how many Energy Shots you take and eat. This will also make you enjoy your sport more.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Suction cap/spout for easy dosing during exercise - leak-proof
  • Small size fits in your shirt pockets
  • Shrinks during use; takes up little space
  • With size chart on the back
  • Up to 6 Energy Shots - 150ml = total 90/96g carbohydrates
  • Resistant to freezing and up to 60 degrees Celsius
  • 100% BPA free, made from recycled materials

Instructions for use (see also video above):

  • Rinse well before first use
  • Fill with 1 to 6 Energy Shots (150ml) and 10% water
  • After use, clean with soap and water and rinse thoroughly

The Shot Flask is included in various Packs. If you have previously purchased a Pack including a Shot Flask, please order the Refill Packs. They don't have a Shot Flask, to prevent you from unnecessarily buying too many Flasks.