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Inge de Groot

My name is Inge and I have lived almost all my life, with great pleasure, in Harderwijk. My passion is traveling and exercising. After my studies, I explored different parts of the world culminating in a 3-month cycling tour on the South Island of New Zealand.

From a young age you would regularly find me on my bike. Cycling in New Zealand has only fuelled my love for cycling and adventure. There's nothing like traveling with my bike and a tent. After this trip I completed a solo bike tour to Rome but I also regularly cycle around the Netherlands. I can recommend these types of wonderful adventures to everyone.

Positive energy

Of course I also have to earn a living to make these kinds of experiences possible which is why I work as a planner at a large landscaping company here on the Veluwe.

I am a contented person, I find it easy to get positive energy from the small things in life such as the young leaves on the trees, a beautiful butterfly or a good movie on the couch.

And, of course, I always get lots of energy from my bike rides or walks.

Passion for sports

I cycle my road bike and mountain bike recreationally and recently I have also found myself using a gravel bike more often.

I am also a regular visitor to the gym. I love being active and this way I can clear my head after a day at the office.

I don't have any specific goals that I want to achieve. For me it is just about pleasure, it is important to enjoy the sports I practice. I exercise purely for relaxation and to release my energy rather than a fitness goal.