Andrew Taylor

I am Andrew Taylor, the 40 year father of two beautiful daughters, Sophia and Lily, and husband to Linda. We've lived in Almere since 2017.

In 2012 I began my own business, Taylor Trainingnen, to help people with their communication skills. With passion, humour and enthusiasm I make sure that my attendees can bring their point over to their audience. Alongside this training I own a meeting location in Almere, the "Inspiratie Pakhuis".

Personally I am best described as: athlete, humorous, espresso connoisseur, loyal Liverpool supporter and ex-Guinness Book of Records World Record holder... and a happy soul.

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I was a late starter with sport. In January 2020 I participated in a weight loss challenge from the business club of Almere City FC. For the first time in 15 years I put on my trainers to run (more like walk) 5km. Then I did it again the next week... then twice a week... then three times... It clicked, I got it, I enjoyed it. Every month I gave myself a new challenge, a 10km run, a half marathon... until at last the 2021 Amsterdam Marathon. Since then I have 3 marathons under my belt and have several planned for this year. I can no longer live without running. Hot or cold weather, alone or in a group, in Almere or on holiday... I have to run! My whole life has changed since I started running.


Keep challenging yourself and enjoy the journey to the finishline. For me the pleasure is not found in the finishing time, but in the journey. All the hours that you put into training, the plans that you make and follow, the experiences that you share with other runners. These are the best things about running for me.

Of course there is focus during the race, you've worked hard for it and go for it 100%. To achieve everything has to come together on the day itself.


The vision and mission of Kalkman resonates with me, combining performance and enjoyment, this is exactly what I try to do every day, in my work, at home and as an athlete. These days there are a lot of unnatural ingredients in our food, I don't find this a good development. Therefore I am happy that during healthy sports I can also eat healthy, natural food, and this is precisely what Kalkman products make possible.

In the coming years I want to get the best out of myself, keep setting PRs, run an International marathon every year... but especially enjoy all the kilometers to the finishline!