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Article: 7 reasons to book a group trip

7 redenen om een groepsreis te boeken

7 reasons to book a group trip

Written by Gerrit Vermeulen from CYCLOsportive

1 - Complete freedom
Do you spend evenings searching the internet for the perfect hotel where cyclists are welcome? And actually you don't know for sure whether it is so perfect for cyclists. Before you know it, you're returning to a place you've been to several times before. Security. With a group tour everything is arranged for you, all you have to do is ride and enjoy. The tour guide has already explored the destination several times and knows all the most beautiful places and also the best routes. The whole program has already been arranged for you. Does the trip include air travel? Now that is complete luxury. Upon arrival, a bus will be waiting to take you to the hotel. Complete enjoyment.

2 - You never cycle alone
This is perhaps the reason why many people opt for a group trip: you are never alone. You always have people around you to have a chat with and to share those beautiful moments on the bike with. You can always alternate who you have a chat with and who you cycle with during day, which makes the trip nice and varied. In addition, there is always someone in the group of the same level to cycle with. Cycling alone in a strange environment is therefore not necessary.

3 - Lasting memories
There's nothing better than being able to share travel memories with others at home. The memories are extensively discussed and relived during the dinner. With a group trip you create memorable travel moments together that will stay with you for a lifetime. These memories create a special bond between group members. With parties, for example, you will soon share those beautiful travel stories with each other.

4 - Tips & Tricks
Because you travel with a tour guide, you always have access to insider tips and recommendations for the nicest restaurants and bars. That nice new restaurant that is not yet on Trip Advisor, or that hidden gem that is only visited by locals; insight info that can strongly influence the dynamics of your journey and your experience. There is a program, feel free to join, but if you want to eat somewhere else, that is also possible. The tour guide is happy to give you advice

5 - A group trip is choosing comfort
When you book a group trip at CYCLOsportive, you opt for comfort. Not only do you not have to think about anything prior to the trip, but the level of comfort is also quite high during the holiday. Any flights are operated with renowned airlines (KLM), accommodation is in three to four star hotels with a central location and, if possible, a swimming pool. Group sizes are limited (maximum 25) so there is quite a lot of attention from the guide. We would like to really get to know you during the trip.

6 - A group trip is really something for you
That is of course easy for us to say, but we really think it is. At CYCLOsportive we go for personal attention. You don't have to worry about not being able to handle the level. You don't know who will book the trip. The tour guide has sufficient experience to split the group if necessary and to divide the groups according to level. Each group always goes out with a guide. No worries about the route or missing that nice place to drink coffee.

7 - Group travel gives guarantees
With CYCLOsportive we organize a number of trips to which a Granfondo is linked. With some Granfondos it is difficult to get starting tickets. Do you book your trip to the Maratona, Strade Bianche or Il Lombardia with CYCLOsportive? Then you are assured of a starting ticket and you are not dependent on a possible draw. In addition, you can expect from us that the routes are safe and that we do everything we can to make your trip an unforgettable wonderful experience.

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