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Article: Welcome to the Kalkman Club!

Ambassadeurs Kalkman club sportvoeding natuurlijk wielrennen gel bar reep

Welcome to the Kalkman Club!

Want to become a member of the Kalkman Club?

We are a Club because we draw inspiration from what others do and learn from each other. So read on and who knows, maybe you will soon be a member of the Club too!

Everything starts with the story we stand for. Not necessarily how many followers you have on social media. If you also agree with our story, our values and ambition, we will offer you various options and benefits. As an ambassador of the Club, you receive perks ranging from discounts through a personal code, which you can share with your followers and cycling friends. You will receive free products, and we will invite you for taste tests. Because we are always working to improve and expand our offering, we can ask you to help come up with new products. Not a bad deal, eh?
Letting more people experience healthy exercise together, isn't that great?
Complete the form below and we will contact you.